Sync calendar between Sharepoint, Google, Outlook


Calendar is a very useful tool to organize the work progress and schedule. It provides notification function to remind users by email and sms. However, there is always a problem of integration between different platforms. Now this post will show you how to sync calendar information between Sharepoint, Google, and Outlook.

Youtube Tutorial

How to setup?

You must have a Google account and Sharepoint account before use.

How to use in real situation?

In this demonstration, I will show you how to transfer calendar from Sharepoint to Google. In this case, Sharepoint calendar is used to input and edit data which used as the main source of data. Microsoft Outlook calendar will be used as a bridge to communicate with Google and Sharepoint. Google calendar will be used as a platform to view calendar only.

Transfer from Sharepoint to Outlook…

1. After you have entered events in Sharepoint calendar, you can click “Connect to Outlook” in the “Calendar Tools” ribbon bar.

2. Then Outlook will show you a dialog to confirm to add the specific Sharepoint calendar to Outlook, click “Yes”.

3.  Then drag and drop the events from Sharepoint calendar to your own Outlook calendar. The system will automatically match the date with you, so you can just drag and drop as fast as possible.

4. Now you have transferred the calendar from Sharepoint to Outlook

Transfer from Outlook to Google

1. Now you must download a official program by Google called “Google Calendar Sync” from here.

2. Input the Gmail account and password and select “2-way” to enable two way sync.

3. After setting up the “Google Calendar Sync”, click “Sync” icon at the low right hand corner to start to sync. Here, the calendar will only be synced to the default Google calendar.

4. Now your calendar in Outlook has been transferred to Google.


  1. The procedure of transferring calendar from Google to Sharepoint is just the reverse of the above guide.
  2. It is possible to edit detail in Google and then transfer back to Sharepoint.
  3. If there is no changes after sync from Sharepoint to Outlook, click “Send and Receive” in Outlook. If the situation continues, delete the calendar in Outlook and click “Connect to Outlook” in Sharepoint one more time.

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